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Hi there! I’m Rosanna, creative renaissance woman extraordinaire, and this is my blog. I am a mom of three beautiful girls who are, in truth, the inspiration for most of my creative adventures. When I’m not reading a book, wrangling my wild little monsters, nagging the husband, I love to create – oh, who am I kidding? Most times, I’m juggling all four!


I originally founded Citlali Rose as a means to channel my creative energy out of sheer necessity.  In 2009, I gave birth to my second baby girl who was born a VATER baby. Sounds fancy, but it’s really a combination of birth anomalies that require a series of surgeries to fix. For more on that, visit my other blog at www.perfectlittleme.com. Citlali Rose became the vehicle for crafting sanity amidst the chaos of daily living.  I often refer to Perfect Little Me as the heart of what I do, with Citlali Rose being the soul of how I live.

Over time, Citlali Rose has grown into a way of life for both channeling and capturing my creative alter ego ;)  Today, Citlali Rose embraces personal power through creative inspiration. It is a space that values culture, creativity, and well-being, and my sincere hope is that you will find a spark, a gem, some glitter, a nugget of wisdom in the midst of my shenanigans — that sparkle that adds to your own magic, for we are all works of art. Embrace your creativity, live in your magic, and thrive in that space where anything is possible!

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