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Mickey Mouse is in the House: Birthday Decorations

Mickey Mouse is in the house with a 49er fan in full effect. My nephews were born within weeks of each other (ok, and a few years apart too), so my sister decided to spare her sanity and combine their celebrations into one big Mickey Mouse 49er Football Party. And sometimes, I need a break from the serious stuff that runs through my mind all day as I work out my own glittery journey. Being a mom of three girls, it’s always an interesting challenge to figure out how to make a boy’s party work with the stash of goods I have on hand.

Yes, pink and purple with glitter and sparkles can be for boys too – you can see pics of these same boys loving themselves a princess party here soon, but for this party, they weren’t having it.


So, the first item, as always, was the invitation – the critical piece in bringing the themes together ;)

49er Mickey Invitation

We ended up taking a picture of a Niners hat and then we added circles for Mickey ears against a chalkboard backdrop to get that combined Mickey/Niners feel.


The treat bags were super easy. Black paper bags that we found at Michael’s with cardstock in red, white, and black. I used a circle cutter and cut ears to about 4 inches in size. The white dots were one inch circles that I cut out with my 1 inch circle hole puncher. For the red, I just lined up the rectangles and cut according to the size of the bags. We printed some hang loose/shaka hands (my sister lived in Hawaii for a number of years) and cut those by hand. I used scrapbooking tape to stick the pieces onto the bags.

Mickey Mouse Party by Citlali Rose | Gift bags with hang loose hands


As always, we had an assortment of treats to match the theme:

Parties by Citlali Rose | Niners Mickey Birthday

Chocolate Covered Oreo Treats

Chocolate Covered Oreo Treats

The Chocolate Covered Oreo Treats were super simple:

More treats . . . everybody pitched in here! My sisters made the cookies and the cake. Baby’s grandma made the mini bundts. So nice when it’s a team effort. :)


The birthday banner was pretty quick and easy to make after I spent hours deciding on what I wanted! I used black cardstock paper, red cardstock paper, a white paint pen, Mickey Mouse scrapbook paper, glue, and that gold foil ribbon you see here.  I used a Sillhouette Cameo to cut the Mickey heads, the circles, and the letters, and can I just say I love that thing!

I suppose you could use your Cricut cutter if you prefer. I have both, and I went with the Silhouette on this one. I already had the fonts and I was able to create a Mickey head directly into the Silhouette software. If all else fails, you could totally cut everything by hand if you have that kind of patience. I used the white paint pen to add the dots.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner by Citlali Rose



Big brother wore his Niners jersey, so that was a breeze. The little guy needed a custom get up to celebrate his first birthday, so I got to work (albeit super last minute). I started with a plain white tee and I used red and black fabric, along with some fusible interfacing and my sewing machine to get this together.

1st Birthday Mickey Faux Vest Shirt by Citlali Rose Might I add that I do not recommend using your dryer as a sewing machine table top! Disorganized procraftination problems. I’m working on it! I really like how it turned out, and if you’re curious as to how I made it, remember to subscribe to get the full tutorial coming up soon!

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Til next time . . .

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