Be Your Own Revolution – Citlali Rose

Be Your Own Revolution

Taking risks. Expanding your horizons. Decolonizing your thinking. Liberating your mind. Letting your life sing. All similar in concept and they function by a parallel design. Wise advice that we’ve all probably heard at some point and applied to some degree, but for some of us, there comes a point when you have to dig deeper and really confront the full depth of those phrases.

Some of us live our lives, struggling against the grain, dancing to the beat of our own drum. Except, we’re not all beating a drum, we’re not all dancing, and some of us aren’t even in the band . . . and then there are those of us are trying to do all three at once! ;)

Throughout the course of growing up and becoming “responsible adults,” we learn to fear truly getting out of our comfort zones. We learn that comfort zones are markers for keeping us safe. And that can be a good thing, but it can also stifle us into a life that doesn’t fit who we are at our core.

Be Your Own Revolution


We limit ourselves with self doubt, too often confining ourselves into boxes, participating in the dulling of our own light. Then, we project that onto others attempting to tame that wildness into a submission that dulls the world. Screw that. Be your own revolution!

You might just find yourself breaking into what you feel is uncomfortable and finding that it is more comforting than any illusion of comfort you’ve ever entertained.

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