All Ironies Intended . . . – Citlali Rose

All Ironies Intended . . .

All ironies intended . . .
a poem for those whose existence is resistance  

A refined rage reflex
peppered with inappropriate humor
marinated in a truth beyond me

mujeres on the microphone
recycling colonized ideals
internalized fundamentalist trinkets
repeating formulas of censorship:

dic’que “calladita te ves mas bonita”
amplifying senseless noise
claiming to give voice
blurring out the true expense
our nonmarketable traits
discarded as nonsense

tucked into appropriated rebozos
obligating silence toward protection
of our brown brothers

Loyalist essentialist
for the nonviolent cause
Romanticized movement
Illuminating whitewashed liberation
Examining socializations too
identify complicitness
easy institutions blamed

Never once stopping to see
that buildings without people
are empty boxes filled with things

segun misunderstandings of my cultura
victimize machista brothers
for they know not what they do
sisters keepers
of the fire
offering blessings
shielding, sweeping, clearing, absorbing

that the education of our people
we must shoulder
because we are
the givers of life
with sacred wombs
for the offering
nurturing breasts
for the taking

of a borderline people
thriving in the grey
boundaries demarcated
for safe keeping
enter oppressors with facets of me
walls manipulated into meaningless superfluousness

see, we’ve been here before
with exception

mujeres before us
having screamed
baring testament
bleeding stories
in the permanence of ink

retrofitting memories of
this master’s house never
intended to be home
uninvited reverse in-filtration
intentionally provoking
rhetoric and jargon choking
the life out of the living
teaching masters of oppression
facades of success at our expense

so mija remember this:

“hocicona eres más chingona”
speak truth to power and resist
revolution is you

–in the fullness of your bliss.


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