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Rosanna Citlali Rose

Rosanna Alvarez is the creative force behind Citlali Rose. A free-spirited, creative renaissance soul with a love for all things art, Rosanna has a knack for crafting and an endless list of creative ideas. Her abundant energy leads her down several adventures with a common thread — to lead a life of service.  She is fueled by a creative and entrepreneurial spirit, driven by social justice, community empowerment, and a passion for helping folks tap into their swagger while living and thriving in self-defined beauty.

She is the Co-Founder of the Andariega Collective, a non-profit grassroots women-led movement that supports women and youth in a gender-responsive, culturally informed space that cultivates resiliency through advocacy, cultural values, and identity development. Under this effort, she co-authored and co-created Mayahuel, A Young Women’s Resiliency Program for young women ages 13-19. She also pours her heart into Perfect Little Me from time to time, a site dedicated to her daughter and to mothers who have navigated the challenges and joys of raising an anomalous child. She also teaches Chicana/o Studies and Women’s Studies at a local community college where she advocates for equity and decolonized approaches to education. Yeah, homegirl is busy and loving it.


Through Citlali Rose, Rosanna aims to share her work and inspiration with a creative community of like-minded, magical folks. She is an educated hocicona and mom of three beautiful girls who are, in truth, the inspiration for most of her creative adventures, DIY shenanigans, and outspokenness. She values creativity in all of its forms and encourages it in all of the spaces she interacts in and engages with.

Sometimes, she has enough energy to post creative work in her online shop which features an array of bold, brightly colored, unique products that make a statement for daily living.



Citlali Rose embraces personal power through creative inspiration and is a space that values culture, creativity, and well-being. The sincere hope is that you will find a spark, a gem, some glitter, or a nugget of wisdom in the midst of the shenanigans you see here— that sparkle that adds to your own magic, for we are all works of art. Embrace your creativity, live in your magic, and thrive in that space where anything is possible!

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